Anma Fascia Tool

Anma Fascia Tool

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Lift and sculpt with Gua Sha. This massage tool is used for lymphatic drainage and fascia release. Fascia is an important protective layer of connective tissue around your muscles. The shape and contours help give these tissues a massage.

Instructions for use: Forehead & Scalp Hold the Gua Sha and massage the forehead lightly, vertically and horizontally. Move all the way up to the scalp. Repeat the movement for 3 minutes, or until the skin becomes warm.

Eyes Sandwich the brow between the "fingers" of the Gua Sha and move back and forth gently in a windshield wiper motion. After you feel the tension in this area release, press the "thumbs" of the Gua Sha into the pressure points of the eye area. Repeat the first and second process until you feel the tension in this area lessen. Massage under the eye along the orbital rim by gently moving the Gua Sha towards the temples.

Mid Face (Jaw/Cheek/Chin) Move the Gua Sha lightly back and forth over the cheekbone and up and down the side of the jaw. If you have TMJ issues, you can slowly increase the pressure to help relieve any tightness in this area. Next try pressing the thumb of the Gua Sha into the pressure point of the jaw. Hold a few seconds then move gently up and down.

Lower Face & Neck First stimulate the jawline by using the handle of Gua Sha to gently sweep down the neck towards the collarbones. Repeat till you feel the tension release in this area. Then to finish rub the fingers of the Gua Sha in gentle circular motions above the collarbone moving towards the outside of the body.

Cleanse your Gua Sha with a gentle cleanser after each use.